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Quality of Life Summary

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Resident Quality of Life Survey Summary

Each year, we ask our residents who have resided with us for 3 months or longer or their families to provide feedback in the form of our Resident Quality of Life Survey.  
Surveys are completed by residents who are able to understand and respond to the questions being asked, otherwise surveys are sent to their Power of Attorney for completion.
This year , 46/58 surveys were returned for a completion rate of 79%.
Our survey results show that:
1. 89.5% of residents/POAs felt respected when cared for.
2. 92.5% of residents/POAs felt they had enough variety in meals.
3. 92% of residents/POAs replied that they felt safe when they are alone.
4. 95.5% of residents/POAs replied that the staff respects what they like and dislike.
5. 71.5% of residents felt they have enjoyable things to do here on weekends.
6. 97% of residents/POAs would recommend this home to others.

Enhancements made to support residents on weekends included;
• Additional Activation Staff
• Additional Nursing Staff
• Additional BSO Staff
• Theme days with volunteer supports

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